There's so many of them

If you’d like more reasons, please read the following infographic. The most enjoyable thing about having a dog is helping them grow from a tiny puppy. Shelters are not short on puppies. An unspayed dog and her offspring could have 67,000 puppies in six years. There are senior dogs that also need homes. If you’d like a dog who’s already been trained and is ready to enjoy quietly relaxing with you, maybe an older dog is best.


Why You Should Adopt a Pet

Would you like to come home to a pudgy pug who grins in a lovesick manner at you? Are you charmed by the quiet yet affectionate nature of a French bulldog? Do you feel a greyhound would be happier running on the beach with you than chasing a mechanical rabbit while muzzled? Then you might want to adopt a dog! Dogs are amazing animals with lots of love to give. If you would like to bring a dog into your home, please adopt one from your local animal shelter.

Shelter pets are well behaved

You don’t want to support puppy mills

Shelter dogs are healthy

There’s so many of them