dog walker seattle wa

I don’t know what I’d do without Jack. As person that has to travel for work and sometimes last minute I have peace of mind knowing that my 20 year old cat is in amazing hands. I have the added layer that my old boy is on meds twice a day and I don’t have one minute of worry while I’m gone. I’m so thankful to Jack and his team.

Shagha N.

Jack was a life-saver when we arrived in Seattle 2 years ago. Our dogs Mo and Nicco love Jack and all the walkers that have ever taken them. Jack makes scheduling easy, he reminds us about upcoming holidays, he’s always willing to accommodate special requests.

Our boys have developed a true affinity for our primary walker, Bob. To some degree, he and Jack have become somewhat like extended members of our family.

Matt M.

I’ve been Jack’s client for over a year now. I first met Jack when I just moved to Seattle from Dallas and needed to find someone to take care of my English Springer Spaniel during the day while I was at work. Previously I worked close enough to come home to walk her, so it was my first experience with trying to find a regular dogwalker. I was very nervous because Malta has some leash aggression issues and can pull hard on the leash despite her deceivingly medium size.

The first thing I noticed about Jack was how thorough, responsible, and detail-oriented he was. To become his client, we had an hour long meeting (with paperwork!!) where we went over my needs and his requirements. It quickly became apparent that Jack would have an even higher bar for the comfort and safety of my dog than even I do.

In the year since, Jack and his team have supported me through the addition of a 2nd dog to the household, ad-hoc schedule changes (both last minute requests to add a walk or to cancel one if I was suddenly out later than expected or got sick and stayed to work from home), and even a couple of overnight stays when I went out of town.

The peace of mind I get from having the same few trusted people that my dogs know and love take care of my dogs is hard to overestimate. Many thanks to Jack, Kerry, and the rest of the team!

Natalia L.

My dog loves Jack and his walks! If I ever have a question or a change to our schedule, Jack is extremely responsive and accommodating. Couldn’t ask for a better dog walking service.

Priya C.

We love working with Belltown Dog Walker. We’ve been clients since we moved to Seattle in 2015. The thing we love about working with Belltown Dog Walker is the consistency in staff. We have had the same dog walker since becoming a client. This was a nice change from our last service where there was a new walker every six months. Jack and his staff are very caring and attentive to our dog’s needs and have recommended them to several other friends in the area.

Michele K.

Jack and his team are absolutely the best We started using his services in Belltown and then continued when we moved to Capitol Hill. He is very professional, trusting, responsive, and most importantly passionate about dogs and giving them the best care and love. They (Jack and Ann) even were able to help with our wedding and taking care of our dog on our special day. Really appreciate them making the accommodations.

STRONGLY recommend Jack and the Belltown Dog Walker team if you’re looking for a walker!

Robert G.

Used them for years, a great service. The dog walkers are very good and they are quickly adaptable for pop up needs. I continue to recommend them to friends.

Belltown Guy S.

I have used Belltown Dog Walker for almost two years and love them. Very caring and responsible walkers. Never a worry about them having access to my condo or about the care and safety of my puppies. They often took longer walks than were scheduled because, as Terry said “I love spending time with your babies.” Highly recommend this company. I am moving out of the downtown area and so sad I will have to change service.

Tammy G.

I deal with the Dog Walkers from Belltown on a daily bases because I am the Senior Concierge at a Luxury High Rise they service.

They are all extremely polite and courteous to our staff, and they show a genuine passion for the animals they are caring for.
Its refreshing to see a company that is as happy and genuine in front of the public as they are behind closed doors. They are always very kind and courteous to all of our residents, Client or not, and they always treat the pets like they are their own.

I would definitely recommend them for anyone.

Nathan S.

I had an extended holiday vacation this year for more than two weeks and I didn’t have to worry about my cats at all, thanks to the attentive service Jack provided. The care, attention, feeding and litter box maintenance were all very obvious. During my trip I received frequent updates- texts, photos, even video –so I knew my girls were getting along well without me. The peace of mind I received knowing they were taken care of was priceless! Thanks Jack!

Gaylin L.

Belltown Dog Walker has been walking our pup Champ daily for five years. Jack is extremely responsive and flexible. We’ve worked with a few different walkers from his team over the years, and they have all been caring and reliable. They take the time to leave a personal note at the end of each walk letting us know how it went. I highly recommend Belltown Dog Walker.

Andrew D.

What an awesome service! Jack and his crew are very flexible and professional. I trust them to the fullest. Scheduling walks is a breeze, and I always have a happy and tired pup after her walk. Would recommend to anyone in the area looking for a quality dog walker.

Conrad M

Amazing experience! I was out of town for a week during the holidays and received updates on the well-being of my cat. Because of this I was able to feel comfortable and relaxed knowing she was being taken care of regularly and professionally.

At the end of the week my 22 year old cat was having issues and they were happy to take her to the vet and pick her up at the end of her appointment. I received a call the moment they walked in the apartment in the early morning and took calls back and forth as I made vet arrangements.

Because they were there, my cat was in safe hands, and when the time came they took care of her.

Their service goes above and beyond!

Scott P.

Best dog walking service ever!!!!

Responsible and easy to set up. If you are looking for a great experience and a no stress interaction, this is your place. Affordable prices and excellent staff.

Marianna D.

Responsive, reliable, caring. What else can I say?

After my elderly mother broke her hip, she agreed to move to a retirement home only if she could keep her dogs with her. I called a couple of dog walking services to assist, but only Jack from Belltown Dog Walker called me back. He quickly arranged daily dog walks for my mom’s small, active, dogs. His walker, Ann, took my mother’s dogs for a walk every weekday for a full year, with no problems, no complications, no lapses. The dogs loved Ann and were thrilled to see her every day. My mother really appreciated Ann’s assistance and enjoyed the daily reports Ann left about the dogs behavior.

When my mother became bedbound, Ann and Jack increased the dog walks to twice a day seven days a week. Ann did more than walk the dogs for us – she fed them and made sure my mom got a chance to hold them and pet them for a while after each walk. Because of Belltown Dog Walker my mother was able to enjoy pet ownership all the way to her last days of life; something that was very important to her. I will always be grateful to Jack and Ann for their compassionate service to my mother and her dogs.

Diana G.

Dear Tamara

Thank you for taking such great care of me as a pup. I really enjoy my walks w/you.

Love Atlas


I have been using Belltown Dog Walkers for my 8 year old Tibetan Terrier for 2 years. My sweet pet is nearly blind so finding the right level of expertise and compassion was key. Boy did I ever find that magical equation in Jack, Chase, Ann and Alex. They are incredibly attentive to my dog, conscientious and professional. I feel completely confident that my dog is cared for. Chase has been so consistent in his arrival times that my dog now barks at me on the weekends right around the time Chase usually comes! Being busy, I have found scheduling, payment, and changes to be so easy with this company. I am a net promoter for sure!

Tracie L.


Jack and his walkers are professional, organized and wonderful with our dog. We don’t need a dog walker on a regular schedule, which is hard for some walking services to manage, but Jack makes it easy and always comes through when we need someone. It means the world to us to have a walker we can trust with our dog!

Elena W.


Dear Yelpers,

I’ve had my dog for 9 years and never thought I’d have to leave him at home by himself. To say that I was a nervous wreck when I had to leave him ALONE FOR 4 DAYS, is well, quite an understatement.

My husband and I just moved to Seattle about 5 months ago and prior to that, we were surrounded by friends and family who would gladly watch our dog when we went on vacation. There was never a worry in my mind because I knew he’d be well taken care of.

When we found out that we had to go out of state for 4 days to attend a wedding, we weren’t quite sure what to do since we were both friend-less and family-less in our new State.

The only options we had were to either board him or leave him with a stranger on dogvacay. I wasn’t too keen either ideas because I knew he wouldn’t cope very well in an unfamiliar area with unfamiliar faces. In fact, I took him two boarding places just to see if they could possibilities for him and he completely. freaked. out. I knew the best option would be to leave him at home where he would be the most comfortable with his surroundings and hire someone to come over to take him out for potty breaks and refill his food and water.

That’s when I stumbled upon Belltown Dog Walker. Jack answered my call right away and we were able to set up a consultation immediately. He came over to our apartment that weekend and was introduced to our pup, who by the way, immediately fell in love with Jack. I showed him where I kept the pup’s toys, leash and food and he took notes of everything I said. He said that Joey would be taking care of my pup for the days we’d be gone. He was scheduled to come over twice a day for 15 minute walks.The day that we left our pup, I was distraught. I couldn’t even wrap my mind around having a good time just knowing that our dog might be lonely. Just as I was starting to reach an all time low, I received a picture of Joey playing with my dog. The pup was obviously very, very happy in the picture. I felt so relieved.

The next few days were a breeze; I was finally able to relax! Joey sent me photos via text message and kept me up to date with the pup’s well-being. When we were finally reunited with our pup after 4 long days, I could tell he was very well taken care of. He was full of energy and his belly was round, meaning he actually ate his food!

Joey left us a note on the counter that said he decided to spend extra time with my pup and gave him extra walks at no charge. He did so just because he liked spending time with our little guy. I was left speechless…

We are so happy to have found this lovely dog walking service. You can bet that I will never use any other service because we got lucky and was able to find Belltown Dog Walker the first time. Everybody that works there really, really cares about your pet, it’s obvious. Give them a try — you won’t regret it. I didn’t take time out of my day to write this much if I didn’t truly believe that!

A crazy dog lady

Johann H.

I don’t post a lot of reviews, but I wanted to take the time for this because I can’t express what a relief it is to have an excellent, reliable dog walker for our elderly dog. When I met Jack, the owner, he came by in advance to meet our dog, bring his documentation, insurance information, and to explain the process. He takes it seriously and screens his employees. Because my dog is very, very old, I was nervous to have someone take her our during the day, but there are times where I knew she needed someone to stop by when I wasn’t at home. She loves Jack and the other walker who has stopped by was also timely and efficient. They take really good care of our pup, and even make sure they check her water before they leave, and leave notes on how the walk went. My dog and I feel very comfortable with them and they make my life (and my pup’s life) easier!
I am so, so, glad I found Jack and Belltown Dog Walkers.

Melody G.


I can’t say how delighted we are to have trusted Jack and his team to walk our puggle, Bella, during the day. We were super hesitant to hire a dog-walked when I started a 9-5 after working from home (Bella can be very nervous and anxious) but Jeff — our walker — leaves notes after every walk letting us know that Bella pee’d, pooped and was “Great.”

When there has been an issue — we think Bella stubbed one of her paws a few weeks ago — Jeff texted my husband and left a long note that she seemed to be in slight pain. We kept an eye on her for a few days during our evening walks, which we normally wouldn’t have if Jeff hadn’t been so attentive.

I’ve also come home from work a few days early and run into Jeff with Bella, and so I can attest how well he treats her. He also explained to me personally how he caters his walks to her needs (bringing her water bowl, etc) and cutting walks short when it got really hot. When the weather is normal, he’s also super good about making sure she gets a full hour of exercise (which we can track with her Whistle) — so we really appreciate how great he is with Bella.

We can’t recommend Jack and Belltown Dog Walkers highly enough. They communicate very thoroughly and make sure Bella — and us! — are taken care of. So glad we found them & will be using them for many more months/years to come!

Kelly C.

We’re very pleased w/ the service Belltown Dog Walker has provided to our little Henry.

Bob who walks our dog and Jack are very consistent with walk times, and sending the daily updates. We leave for the day and we know Belltown Dog Walker is giving our little guy everything he needs while we’re away. You should give them a try. You’ll be happy with your choice.

James C.

Jack and his team of dog walkers have been taking my labs on weekly midday excursions for almost three years. We love the personal service (our dogs get their dog walker all to themselves for half an hour) and the pricing is very reasonable. Jack has been great …..always quick to respond and has even walked the boys when our regular dog walker is out sick.

A great option when work prevents you from taking your dogs out.

Katrina H.

Excellent service from these guys. They have a very good process and the owner, Jack is very professional and quick to respond. The dog walker that is walking my dog, Jeff, is super friendly and helpful. Very happy with service and recommending to anyone.

Masha M.

Jack and his team at Belltown Dog Walker are wonderful!

They are very professional, trustworthy, responsive and most importantly passionate about dogs.

Our nine year old chocolate lab is very stubborn (and very spoiled), but we know she is in good hands with her dog walker! We look forward to the pupdate every night when we get home. Belltown comes with our highest recommendation!

Babs P.

Simply the best. I can’t tell you how many last minute walks jack has arranged for me. He is very professional , loving and prompt in responding to my crazy schedule. Most importantly my dog loves Tamara one of his walkers. She has been walking her since she was a puppy and frankly I’m quite jealous 🙂

She goes crazy – really crazy for like 3 minutes when she see”s Tamara. My partner works from home but I still bring atlas in several times a month to work with me just so they can see each-other.

No reason ever to look further – they are the best!

Scott M.

When we moved to Seattle nearly a year ago, our primary concern was the safety and well being of our dogs when we were at work. We needed someone who was trustworthy and reliable.

From our first interview with Jack, we knew our little guys would be in good hands. Belltown Dog Walkers have committed dog walkers and Jack ensures that all of them recognize the importance of their jobs, with an emphasis on safety and care.

We have had the pleasure of having our dogs cared for by at least 4 different people at Belltown Dog Walker, and we trust all of them.

I’m so glad we found them.

Matt M.

I am so delighted and grateful to have Belltown Dog Walker as a daily resource in my life. I recently adopted two Greyhounds, and after not having a dog pet since I was a child, it was a big decision for me to bring dogs into my life.

Thank goodness for Jack and his team! After exhausting myself for a month rushing home to walk my dogs during lunch and rushing back to the office afterward, I hired a dog walker for the first time ever. I was apprehensive about letting a stranger into my home, but Jack proved the perfect person to alleviate my concerns. He is thorough in the introductory interview and has recruited a good team of walkers. My dogs fell in love with our first walker Joey, a sweet and kind man who recently retired, and are now getting to know a new walker, Jeff. And you can’t beat the rate — $10 for a potty break, which includes both dogs!

What a huge pressure lifted off my shoulders. Jack is professional and responds to messages quickly, always with an attitude of “yes, we can help.” He is a business owner who truly understands and is committed to delivering outstanding customer service. I can’t sing his praises enough and highly recommend BDW for anyone needing dog walking services.

Kimberly R.

I’ve been using Belltown Dog Walker for about a year and a half and couldn’t be more complimentary of Jack and the team he’s put together. I really appreciate his flexible approach to scheduling and the dedicated walkers he uses. You can tell each walker is very familiar with the dogs they walk and attuned to their habits and quirks (Joey is very familiar with my dog’s tennis ball obsession).

It’s also great to see Jack around the neighborhood from time to time and he always recognizes my pup. This review has been a long time coming – and I couldn’t recommend Belltown Dog Walkers more highly.

Cathy P.

Jack and his team are WONDERFUL. I was occasionally home working when the walker would come and my dog went nuts, like I was worried she would consider leaving me for this woman! Super reliable and you get a slight discount if you sign up for 5 days. Wish we hadn’t left the neighborhood!

Megan Trainer


He had me at “it’s all about the animal”.

Jack at Belltown Dog Walker is an absolute animal lover. Early this winter I had an injury that all of a sudden had me off of my feet with a scheduled surgery and I had no way to walk my dog! I knew I could only use volunteers and friends for so long, so I emailed around 20 companies in the Seattle area. I explained my sudden medical situation and urgency of needing someone as soon as possible. I had few replies and most companies didn’t want to lose their current clientele and didn’t seem to want over 2 months of guaranteed work. I wasn’t trying to make anyone feel sorry for me or my situation, but let it help them understand how much my dog needed someone to be there for him and Jack was the only one who understood that it was all about my dog and that he was the most important thing that needed attention. My dog has severe anxiety and any change to his daily schedule makes him feel insecure. Jack was willing to keep my dog on his daily schedule and even put me on a payment plan to help me out with all of the sudden expenses that were going to come up. He did this for over 2 months until I was fully recovered! I will hands down ask for his services again in the future, there is no one I can think of that will take better care of my dog and no one more understanding and that it is always all about the animal. THANK YOU JACK!!

Wendy K.