Responsive, reliable, caring. What else can I say?

After my elderly mother broke her hip, she agreed to move to a retirement home only if she could keep her dogs with her. I called a couple of dog walking services to assist, but only Jack from Belltown Dog Walker called me back. He quickly arranged daily dog walks for my mom’s small, active, dogs. His walker, Ann, took my mother’s dogs for a walk every weekday for a full year, with no problems, no complications, no lapses. The dogs loved Ann and were thrilled to see her every day. My mother really appreciated Ann’s assistance and enjoyed the daily reports Ann left about the dogs behavior.

When my mother became bedbound, Ann and Jack increased the dog walks to twice a day seven days a week. Ann did more than walk the dogs for us – she fed them and made sure my mom got a chance to hold them and pet them for a while after each walk. Because of Belltown Dog Walker my mother was able to enjoy pet ownership all the way to her last days of life; something that was very important to her. I will always be grateful to Jack and Ann for their compassionate service to my mother and her dogs.

Diana G.

Dear Tamara

Thank you for taking such great cre of me as a pup. I really enjoy my walks w/you.

Love Atlas


I have been using Belltown Dog Walkers for my 8 year old Tibetan Terrier for 2 years. My sweet pet is nearly blind so finding the right level of expertise and compassion was key. Boy did I ever find that magical equation in Jack, Chase, Ann and Alex. They are incredibly attentive to my dog, conscientious and professional. I feel completely confident that my dog is cared for. Chase has been so consistent in his arrival times that my dog now barks at me on the weekends right around the time Chase usually comes! Being busy, I have found scheduling, payment, and changes to be so easy with this company. I am a net promoter for sure!

Tracie L.


I am so delighted and grateful to have Belltown Dog Walker as a daily resource in my life. I recently adopted two Greyhounds, and after not having a dog pet since I was a child, it was a big decision for me to bring dogs into my life.

Thank goodness for Jack and his team! After exhausting myself for a month rushing home to walk my dogs during lunch and rushing back to the office afterward, I hired a dog walker for the first time ever. I was apprehensive about letting a stranger into my home, but Jack proved the perfect person to alleviate my concerns. He is thorough in the introductory interview and has recruited a good team of walkers. My dogs fell in love with our first walker Joey, a sweet and kind man who recently retired, and are now getting to know a new walker, Jeff. And you can’t beat the rate — $10 for a potty break, which includes both dogs!

What a huge pressure lifted off my shoulders. Jack is professional and responds to messages quickly, always with an attitude of “yes, we can help.” He is a business owner who truly understands and is committed to delivering outstanding customer service. I can’t sing his praises enough and highly recommend BDW for anyone needing dog walking services.

Kimberly R.

I’ve been using Belltown Dog Walker for about a year and a half and couldn’t be more complimentary of Jack and the team he’s put together. I really appreciate his flexible approach to scheduling and the dedicated walkers he uses. You can tell each walker is very familiar with the dogs they walk and attuned to their habits and quirks (Joey is very familiar with my dog’s tennis ball obsession).

It’s also great to see Jack around the neighborhood from time to time and he always recognizes my pup. This review has been a long time coming – and I couldn’t recommend Belltown Dog Walkers more highly.

Cathy P.

Jack and his team are WONDERFUL. I was occasionally home working when the walker would come and my dog went nuts, like I was worried she would consider leaving me for this woman! Super reliable and you get a slight discount if you sign up for 5 days. Wish we hadn’t left the neighborhood!

Megan Trainer


He had me at “it’s all about the animal”.

Jack at Belltown Dog Walker is an absolute animal lover. Early this winter I had an injury that all of a sudden had me off of my feet with a scheduled surgery and I had no way to walk my dog! I knew I could only use volunteers and friends for so long, so I emailed around 20 companies in the Seattle area. I explained my sudden medical situation and urgency of needing someone as soon as possible. I had few replies and most companies didn’t want to lose their current clientele and didn’t seem to want over 2 months of guaranteed work. I wasn’t trying to make anyone feel sorry for me or my situation, but let it help them understand how much my dog needed someone to be there for him and Jack was the only one who understood that it was all about my dog and that he was the most important thing that needed attention. My dog has severe anxiety and any change to his daily schedule makes him feel insecure. Jack was willing to keep my dog on his daily schedule and even put me on a payment plan to help me out with all of the sudden expenses that were going to come up. He did this for over 2 months until I was fully recovered! I will hands down ask for his services again in the future, there is no one I can think of that will take better care of my dog and no one more understanding and that it is always all about the animal. THANK YOU JACK!!

Wendy K.