Why do we walk our dogs? Some might think that it doesn’t require a reason and then again, there are probably many reasons.

There are obvious ones like your dog needs to relieve its self. Perhaps they are a breed that is very high energy and needs to work off some of their pent up craziness! I also see some of my neighbors that never go anywhere without their furry companion.

Whatever your personal reasons for walking your best friend, let’s look at these three reasons that I have highlighted and dive deeper into the actual act of the walk. The reasons are, letting our dogs go potty outdoors, exercise and companionship.

From the first day you bring your puppy into your home, you begin the very important job of teaching it where it’s appropriate and where it’s not appropriate to relieve itself. For some, this can be a frustrating journey .

I have observed, in my professional capacity,that all too many people don’t teach themselves about this process before they try to teach the lesson to their puppy. This can make the lesson harder and longer to accomplish. Ultimately, almost all of us have a success story on this front.

A tired dog is a happy dog! The proper amount of exercise is essential for a happy and healthy dog.

Researching the breed that you are interested in is equally essential to understand just how much exercise your dog might require. This is not just limited to the number of minutes but also to the pace during the walk. Many dogs need a good run as opposed to a slow walk.

Often when a dog is not given the opportunity to work out their pent up energy, they will act out in several ways. Destruction of property being the most common.

I live in a dog crazy city and it just seems that people here really view their furry friends as family members. With more young people deciding not to have kids, or at least wait a while, pets fill the void.

We take our dogs to coffee shops, sidewalk cafes and department stores. I see them in strollers and backpacks. We also include our canine friends in our weekend hiking jaunts. Face it, they are truly our best friends!

So this begs the question of why I also see so many people walking their dogs and talking on their phones, or texting. Completely ignoring their dogs and sometimes, completely unaware of where their dog is or what it’s doing,and perhaps, eating.

I want to say to these people that this is a major missed opportunity! Part of the walk experience is the act of bonding. When you are walking your dog and it’s making eye contact with you, it is asking you, “what should I do?”

In closing, your dog loves you and needs your attention and direction. Put away your cell phone for a half hour or longer and, make the daily lives for the both of you richer and more rewarding!

Cheers, and let me know how you feel about this topic.